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Stuff Magazine (October 2018) - Absolutely thrilled to have the ANDEN Valet included in Stuff Magazine’s 100 Most Wanted List for 2018. As Stuff puts it ‘Apple Watch straps are a constant source of kaleidoscopic inspiration to us, so the Valet has four slots for a multi-coloured swap shop of bands, along with a charging plinth.’

Screen Shot 2018-10-03 at 12.23.34.png (October 2018) - More fantastic news for ANDEN, making the top of the pile in Wareable’s “The best Apple Watch and iPhone charging stands 2018” list. And to quote a team with obviously exceptional taste “Few Apple Watch charging stands look as good as the ANDEN Valet”.

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WIRED (Nov/Dec 18) - We’ve only gone and made WIRED Magazine’s annual Gear of the Year list! WIRED photographed the Corian edition with a stunning Ceramic Apple Watch and described it as “an inspired organiser for your Apple Watch.” We couldn't agree more. (October 2018) - Two mentions on this week including the lovely phrase “how to make your Apple Watch feel special.” Many thanks to David Phelan, please check out the piece here. David Phelan’s “The 5 Best Apple Watch Accessories Right Now, While We Wait For AirPower” is well worth a click.

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