ANDEN Cameo Mirror

The two piece timber design uses a simple but extremely effective ball and socket joint instead of any superfluous fastenings, allowing the mirror to rotate freely and be adjusted to the perfect angle. Effortlessly stylish and a joy to use, the deceptively simple design is achieved by using meticulous woodworking techniques that bring out the natural grain of the timber.

Made to order in London and finished by hand using the finest natural oils, choose from sustainably sourced solid walnut or beech in either a natural blonde or ebonised matte black.

Like all ANDEN products the Cameo is a pleasure to use. The impeccably smooth finish - achieved through the use of five different sanding processes - brings out the natural quality of each material and just begs to be handled. It works equally well as a bathroom, bedside or handheld mirror (just lift from the socket base) and the matching ANDEN Tray in solid walnut proves a worthy companion for glasses, everyday carry or even a razor if you’re using it in the bathroom.

Dimensions: H220 x W170 x D10mm

Cameo 2000px.gif